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The castAR Glasses are your window into the 3D digital world. When looking through them, the digital world becomes a 3D reality that you and your friends can experience together.


castAR Glasses achieve Projected Reality by using two micro-projectors. These projectors cast a stereoscopic scene onto a retro-reflective surface, which in turn reflects the image back to you. Located in the center of the glasses is a highly accurate tracking camera that is used to determine your absolute head position and orientation. By attaching the optional castAR/VR Clip-Ons, you can easily turn castAR Glasses into a fully immersive Virtual Reality device.




  • Two micro-projectors
    • 1280×720 resolution
    • Up to 120 hertz refresh rate
    • 65 degrees horizontal field of view
  • Tracking System
    • Tracking camera
      • 2560×1920 resolution
      • 120 hertz scanning rate
    • IMU
      • Gyroscope
      • Magnetometer
      • 1000 hertz rate
  • Power consumption under 500 milliamps
  • Passive polarization filters eliminate cross talk
  • Consumer conscious design
    • Weight under 100 grams
    • Fits over prescription eyewear
    • Very thin cable connection




*Product renders may not reflect the final production design.