22 Oct / Kickstarter Updates

We are very close to our first Stretch Goal at 600k. Help us get there so you can get this great tool!

“Due to the popularity of the tabletop gaming portion of our Kickstarter video, if we raise $600K, we would like to create a fully functional dungeon tiling tool for use with both the RFID Tracking Grid and the Magic Wand independently. (For example, imagine a GM with local players using the RFID Tracking Grid with RFID Bases on miniatures, and a remote player without a Grid using the Magic Wand to specify positioning within the shared game world. This will be the topic for a future development video, so if you have specific questions about the implementation or usage, please ask and we will address them.) This tool will come with a default set of wall, floor, and obstacle tiles for immediate use, but will also allow for the inclusion of custom player-created tile sets as well.”


Second Stretch Goal at 800k for HARDWARE

If momentum continues and we raise $800K, we will then switch to the hardware side of things for our second stretch goal. Integrating a microphone into the glasses will help facilitate fast and easy communication across groups consisting of local and non-local members. Earbuds will further enrich castAR experiences by delivering positional audio without requiring bulky additional equipment.


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